I have a lot going on inside my head right now, but before I begin my thread of random, angry and (most often) emo blogs, this first one will be a thanks to my friend Matt for giving me a fresh start on this new site. Goodbye Xanga. It was great while it lasted, but the advertisements were simply too much for me.

Until I get caught up with school and play around with this site some more to get it fully up and running, this is all that I have to say. Except maybe one more, and that is the Canucks are playing extremely shitty lately which makes me rather sad. However, I’ve been pretty sad to begin with anyways for the past month because I feel as if I lost a best friend, so maybe that is why I am sad and not actually sad that the Canucks are losing. But then again, I can say with much confidence that if I were to have this friend back, then I would most definitely be sad about the Canucks losing because I love them and I do not jump on and off the bandwagon. OK BYE. Thanks (again) Matt!