It is extremely hard to focus on writing an exam when the guy next to you is saying ‘fuck’ practically 10 times per minute in a 3 hour exam. Embrace statistics yo!

Carrie has a massive case of the hiccups right now. No amount of water or holding of the breath is working. And since this situation is preventing me from studying, I decided to blog.

I am so excited for tomorrow that no words can describe just how excited I am. It’s playoff time kids, and since the Canucks didn’t make it last year, I have 2 seasons worth of excitement to share. Here are my predictions for first round. Montreal in 7. Capitals in 6. Jersey in 5. Flyers in 7. Sharks in 6. Detroit in 5. Canucks in 6. Calgary in 6.

So, today was pretty lame. I went to a new tailoring place to hem my jeans and it costed $15 each for a total of $30. I suppose it is my fault for not asking about the price beforehand. I’m pretty noobsauce like that. It wasn’t even the price for an original hem, just a regular. In China, you get your stuff hemmed for $5 CNY which works out to like 80 cents CAD. These people better do one hell of a hem job. Oh, and afterwards, I met up with my brother at the bank and helped him unroll and reroll 40 rolls of pennies because the bank didn’t accept the rolls that the pennies were already in and my brother accepted these rolls from a friend paying him back for something. That took about an hour to do because the bank didn’t have a coin roller. WTF right?

Back to studying for statistics. OK BYE.

There are two things that I have noticed when it comes to the Canucks. First, when Pyatt scores the first goal, we lose. Second, when Luongo wears the V helmet, we lose. Though these are not 100% statistically proven, the chances are relatively high. However, as much as Pyatt sucks at hockey, my deepest condolences goes out to him and his family. The word on the streets this morning is that his fiancée has passed away in a car accident while on vacation in the Bahamas. Life is full of surprises. I suppose this is good news for those damn puck bunnies out there who would like to have Pyatt’s babies. These chicks piss me off.

One more class on Monday, and I am tied down to finals. My five day weekend in the summer is looking pretty sweet right now. Oh, so I know what I can talk about today. My first actual clubbing experience for the best friend’s birthday. The things I do for her. Yet, I suppose the experience wasn’t as bad as I imagined. Not saying that I would go back, because I don’t, but it was pretty hilarious making fun of drunk chicks. If you haven’t already discovered, I love to observe people. They steal cameras and then act like they have photography skills when really, they don’t. The crowd is too much for me. It doesn’t feel good to have people bumping into your ass constantly.

On Wednesday, I watched ’24 Hour Party People’ in music class. It confused the hell out of me, but everything began to make sense in the end. I would actually recommend this movie/documentary for anyone who wants to watch something for the sake of watching. Oh, and if you are into the band Joy Division or New Order and the whole “Blue Monday” song which lost 5 cents for every album they sold and they sold like over 3 million copies or something. OK BYE. I need to buckle down on a 15 page paper.

obama-icecreamI came across this image the other day thanks to my handy dandy Yahoo! browser which provides me with almost everything I can possibly need: News, Entertainment News, CAD-USD rate, an E-mail account for non-important things, Games, and a bunch of other stuff.

But anyways… the image is an advertisement for Obama ice cream. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the advertisement has sparked many racist complaints. Black on the outside, white on the inside! Despite the controversy, I find this cartoon incredibly cute. I’d totally buy this ice cream if I were in Russia.

Carrie fun fact #2: Sometimes when there is no one at home, I pee with the door open. I am not a person who believes in karma, nor do I know how to define it correctly, but I think that most of you would say that the following story I am about to share is what happened to me. So I’m strolling along the hallway up at Burnaby SFU when I suddenly realize that I needed to pee. I duck into the closest washroom and the only stall free was the handicap stall. I go in, lock the door, do my business, and flush. As I reached my arm out to unlock the door, I see that it has already been unlocked with a good inch and a half opening. It would not have been that big of a deal had the stall been in the back, but no… it was the very first stall as you walk into the washroom. Not only that, it was a door that swung out and not in, so for passer byers to peek in was no obstacle. Two girls were air drying their hands when I stepped out and they starred at me. I pray to god they did not see me, or I at least hope that the door opened up while I was putting my back pack on. OK BYE!

Fuck you lady on the bus! What a way to start the morning off…3 hours of sleep and wet clothes from your lack of common sense on taking the damn public bus. The bus was practically empty and you chose to sit next to me with you and your wet umbrella, wet bag (x2), and wet jacket. I wouldn’t mind it so much if you didn’t push me to the edge and took over half my seat rubbing your wet bag against my clothes and not moving it away. I had the courtesy of moving my back pack for you to sit down and you thank me with wet pants and wet shirts. Needless to say, I did not yell at her. I got up and moved away only to realize that she moved her bag to let some other stranger sit next to her. Fuck you again.

Carrie fun fact #1: I sweat like no tomorrow! It doesn’t matter whether it’s well below zero, any sudden change in humidity or temperature (i.e. walking indoors right after you come from the outdoors) I will sweat buckets. It’s very embarrassing, but I guess it makes me special in some gross way. I’m sorry if you see my sweat drops when I talk to you. It happens often and I’ll appear more awkward than usual which makes me sweat more because I begin to get self-conscious and nervous about what people are thinking. It’s not you, it’s me. Sometimes I sweat when doing absolutely nothing too. I bring this up because it happened today and it was bursting out uncontrollably for a good 10 minutes.

Aside from also being poisoned from T&T food today at school, I would say it’s ending on a much brighter note. We played the ‘Beer Game’ in stats class today and my team made history by being the worst team to forecast supply and demand with an ending total cost of nearly $8000 occured from inventory and backlogging costs. The winner also made history with a little more than $700 worth of total cost. We truly sucked.

The Canucks are crazy! Eleven straight home wins. I vote Burrows for next captain. Other news around the NHL this week? Brodeur from the New Jersey Devils has become the winningest goaltender of all time with 552 wins! That is a pretty sweet ass title to have – winningest! Ovechkin also reached 50 goals today for the season and did a funny act to show off his ‘hot’ stick. YouTube video posted!

Be on the lookout for my next Carrie fun fact kids. OK BYE!

Lately, I’ve been listening to a pre-selected number of songs that I added to the ‘on-the-go’ option in iPod. These song’s make me feel sad quite often. You’re probably wondering why I would put myself through something like that, and the truth is, I didn’t really realize that that was what I was doing. I do however have one randomly happy song in the middle. And for those 3 minutes or so on the skytrain listening to it, I have a smile somewhere on my face. I’ve deleted that list yesterday while I was charging my iPod.

Everytime this one other song played though, I would feel like I’m in my own movie. A movie where the main character have been so tied down at home that everything outside of her life is moving on without her. A movie where she feels stuck between two worlds, one of which she desperately wants to break out of. A movie where she feels the friends she love the most, don’t know how she feels; what makes her happy, what doesn’t. A movie where one day, she hopes the people watching will get a happy ending out of it. It’s tough going to sleep when every night you lie in bed blaming yourself for everyone who walked out and then having to dream about it afterwards.

I was going to post a YouTube video on Jason Spezza getting caught red handed with an illegal stick during yesterday’s game against Toronto. It was funny not because he was caught, but rather, the camera caught his failed attempt to break his stick and then going over to the bench and getting the trainer to pass him a different stick ASAP, but the referee was all up on his grill saying, “No! I want that stick!” and pointed at the stick the trainer was holding in his hand after the not so secretive swap. However, an even funnier video was brought to my attention thanks to Dork. This video was from the Penguins’ game last Thursday against Florida. I think Sam will enjoy this video more. I tried to find videos of mascots doing funny things and failed miserably.

So… the story goes that upon licking the stick, Kennedy went on to score 2 goals, one of which was the game winner. I wish the video was longer so that I knew why a person would ever lick his own stick with such passion. Apparently, there is an inside joke-type story between him and Max Talbot, who he was sitting next to, but who knows. OK BYE!

So, I’m sitting in the back of the class and I look at everyone with laptops in front of me and they are all on Facebook being creepsters. Pay attention damn it! Some girl in my stats class logs on at least twice every class in a span of 2 hours. WTF are you doing on a laptop anyways in a stats course that uses pen and paper? Oh, and some guy in my other class, whose name I don’t even know, adds me. I’m afraid to accept because I’ve been intro’d to the term JOMB. I’m sure he’s a nice guy? But I see him in class on his laptop and he’s a Facebook creepster too! Every class! ZOMG… and the worst of all.

Me: “What’s your MSN so I can add you to work on the presentation?”
*She gives hotmail. I add her on MSN. She never comes on. I send E-mail.
Me: “Hey! I added you on MSN, but you are never on… [insert further contents of the e-mail]”
Her: “Hi! You’re right, I don’t use MSN. I use Facebook!”

WTF man?! How is Facebook > MSN. Screw you. This is the second time I had to work with someone who said that. OH! And she bailed on the presentation and I had to do it alone and cover her part. Screw you x 2. Can you tell I don’t like Facebook much?

This is a cool commercial courtesy of Dork for the intro. OK BYE!

Change sucks and that is why I am pretty happy the Canucks didn’t make any drastic movements to the team for the trade deadline today. God knows how long it took me to get over the major renovations done during the past two years. Not to mention, Linden’s retirement and Naslund’s trade. However, Calgary’s acquisition of Olly Jokinen makes me a little nervous. I hope we sign Ohlund up on another contract when the season is over. It will be a tough pill to swallow if he is gone.

Anyways, I’ve been having some pretty terrible dreams lately. I think it’s a sign. I’ve hit this phase in my life where I am just settling for comfortable, but I want a little more. People always leave, so why can’t I? I’ve been searching for my laughter for quite some time now, and whenever I think I’ve found it, it would disappear again. Let’s see if I go through with this. My professor is encouraging me, and has agreed to sign off on my forms.

Oh. And might I just say… I’ve been feeling pretty active this semester. I participate more and I’m building relationships with professors. I sound nerdy, but whatever! This one professor is really cool. OK BYE!