IMG_20150612_001210Pictures can be deceptive; this is not news to me. They say that some of the happiest people are often the saddest. They say that some of the prettiest girls are most insecure.

My coworkers had a long (negative) spiel this week about selfies. I’m not sure if age made a difference, but they saw two 50 year old women taking selfies together by the bar at the new Nordstrom. They “looked ridiculous” according to my coworker, “are they trying to show off, act young, or be hip”? The conversation led into the topic of an article that was published about how people live an alternate life through their photos. They take pictures of themselves and things in their life that is not who they are. People purchase bottles of Perrier water to keep in their fridge just for show, not to drink. People seriously do this?

I told them that I can’t really be bothered to understand why people do what they do. Yes, I question a lot of pictures posted by people on my social feed, but I can’t say that I care unless the pictures irk me in some way. Yes, I make comments. Yes, I secretly judge. Whether I mean any of the things I say is always up for questioning.

I, too, take selfies and post things I buy or eat. I post random shit, but I don’t think I’m lying to the world as to who I am. I’d like to think that I’m a good person at heart and if I’m happy doing what I do, then I can’t say I care how others see me. Do you? ok bye.

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