IMG_20150913_093842It’s been about three months since I started going to physiotherapy for my back and this weekend was the first time I went back under the bar since being in rehab. Lifting that bar up on my shoulder was probably the best, yet, worst feeling ever. On the one hand, I was super psyched to get the OK from my physiotherapist to attempt the bar. But on the other hand, my ego deflated faster than a balloon having goneĀ from being able to squat 185lbs to 85lbs. I probably could have added a bit more weight, but didn’t want to risk it on the first day back.

The road to recovery is definitely not easy, both mentally and physically. You have to really put in the time and effort into doing your prescribed exercises no matter how ridiculous they look. And you really have to swallow your pride and ego with not being able to do everything that you once could. I still got a ways to go, but progress is progress and I’m pretty happy with where I’m at. I’ll eventually bounce back to be as strong as the hulk. /smash

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