So, I’m sitting in the back of the class and I look at everyone with laptops in front of me and they are all on Facebook being creepsters. Pay attention damn it! Some girl in my stats class logs on at least twice every class in a span of 2 hours. WTF are you doing on a laptop anyways in a stats course that uses pen and paper? Oh, and some guy in my other class, whose name I don’t even know, adds me. I’m afraid to accept because I’ve been intro’d to the term JOMB. I’m sure he’s a nice guy? But I see him in class on his laptop and he’s a Facebook creepster too! Every class! ZOMG… and the worst of all.

Me: “What’s your MSN so I can add you to work on the presentation?”
*She gives hotmail. I add her on MSN. She never comes on. I send E-mail.
Me: “Hey! I added you on MSN, but you are never on… [insert further contents of the e-mail]”
Her: “Hi! You’re right, I don’t use MSN. I use Facebook!”

WTF man?! How is Facebook > MSN. Screw you. This is the second time I had to work with someone who said that. OH! And she bailed on the presentation and I had to do it alone and cover her part. Screw you x 2. Can you tell I don’t like Facebook much?

This is a cool commercial courtesy of Dork for the intro. OK BYE!

7 Thoughts on “FB Rant

  1. one time during lecture some chick was on her laptop sifting through her photos. one of them was a POV shot of her having sex with some dude on her back.

    that day i learned that even non porn stars shave.

  2. hey carrie whats a jomb XD

  3. people are idiots. how the hell are you supposed to work on a project on facebook? sometimes i think msn is even hard. why would she give you her email when she knows she doesn’t go on msn, should have just told you that in the first place. id rather email than use facebook. facebook is for your own personal stalking purposes aside from school.

    that commercial is cute and i love coke. = ) sameghanie soon?

  4. @matt: I am sorry to read that you had to go through such a horrible experience. I hope it didn’t blind your eyes! Some people need to keep certain things to themselves. I don’t know why they would think that no one will be watching them sift through pictures from behind!

    @poo: You already know.

    @sammie: People ARE idiots! True that. I like Coke too. And YES! Sameghanie soon please… I will miss you guys when you leave for NYC. Don’t forget me!

  5. I can’t believe that someone would give you their MSN but not say that they don’t use it. And facebook sucks, I mean I still go on there all the time but there is never anything to do. There are many better things available on the internet.

  6. Coke commercial ftw! The dude has an awesome side step.
    Facebook is a pretty awesome; it reveals a lot about people.


  7. @sam: I couldn’t believe it either since I clearly asked for her Hotmail to add her onto my MSN. Good thing I asked for her SFU e-mail too!

    @dak: Hey buddy! You found my blog. Are you linking the awesomeness of Facebook to the fact that it reveals a lot about people in a way that you know you should avoid asking them out? Because only for that reason will I think it is awesome.

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