IMG_20141220_093352“Gonna go down for work clothes,” says I. After so many shopping trips down south, I should know by now that gym clothes will always out number all other purchases. I have enough outfits to gym 2 times a day, 7 days a week.

I love my Nike. I love contrasting my darks with neon. I love my yellows and anything with yellow trim. Lately, I’ve been buying a lot of sports bras. I don’t even know why I have so many when no one really sees it. I suppose it’s all a part of the motivation package. Everything I put on must make me feel good. When I feel good, it will be a good gym day.

Gym clothes aside, I did bring back a lovely J Crew Camp Shirt that I’m absolutely in love with. I tried an XS on with the intention of buying it for a friend. If it fits tight on me, it would fit her. But then it fit me perfectly. I don’t really know what makes me happier… The fact that I fit into an XS or the fact that I now have a lovely shirt. I’ll try harder next time to actually get work clothes. ok bye.

EDIT: I took out my new J Crew shirt, and it is actually XXS. I think I might just faint.

One Thought on “things are cheaper down south

  1. J Crew FTW.

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