I have a tough shell. I’m extremely skeptical when it comes to meeting new people. It makes me a bit anti-social, but whatever. If we get along, we get along. If we don’t, then I’m just quiet and reserved.

Don’t get me wrong though. I can meet new friends. But I honestly don’t need a whole lot of them in my life. The close ones I do have already, they are keepers forever. They are the ones you try to always make time for, but they are also the ones who don’t let distance or time change your relationship. They are the ones I can count on, the ones I can share secrets with, the ones who won’t give me shit for not wanting to go somewhere or do something. They let you be who you are and they won’t judge you. It’s nice to never have to worry about keeping a wall up with them. It’s okay to let your guard down for a bit. It’s nice.

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