I used to blog without fear. I used to blog with the intent to get things off my chest. And for quite some time now, blogging has been my biggest fear. I’m scared to voice my thoughts. I’m scared to let people in. I’m scared to expose too much of myself.

I think the one thing I’m scared of the most is voicing thoughts that will be met with nothing but a defensive wall. The world has become a hub of stubborn individuals. No one says ‘sorry’ anymore. No one takes the time to appreciate. And the one thing I’ve noticed for a while now is the lack of compassion, consideration, and understanding.

I am not going to be modest at all when I say that the world could probably use more people like me. People who make an effort to not say something wrong or have something come out sounding the wrong way. But what I’ve learned is that you can never find the right words. Your best bet is to just┬ábecome a mute. No one cares for your efforts.

Yes. The world is not fair. The world is full of haters. Internet trolls that tell you to go die and broadcast it on stream. It’s a god awful world we live in. I may say ‘sorry’ a lot, but I’d rather be that person who apologizes whether I was right or wrong than be someone who starts a fire in a forest without any intent of putting it out.

That’s why you’re in a locker full of hurt. The enemy within and all the fires from your friends. The best medicine’s to probably just let it win.

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