The one thing I try not to do is using the excuse of “being a girl”.

I can see why it would be frustrating for any guy when their girl goes off on a mood swing run. It can’t be fun dealing with the ups and downs of their emotional states, especially during that T.O.M. But the stereotype exists for a reason right? The same reason why guys can’t help but pop a boner every so often is the same reason why girls can’t help but get all emotional over certain things. I tried doing some quick research to look for academic journals on the study of men versus women, but it started to feel like school, so I stopped. That, and also because most abstracts say that despite some scientific reasons proving girls are more emotional, a huge chunk is still unknown. Mainly because lifestyle plays a huge role.

This makes me wonder if personality really is as important as everyone makes it out to be for relationships. You are who you are because of your lifestyle and how you grew up. I’m not saying that two people need to have common interests to make it work, but more about finding that other half with common values. And what happens when you don’t have common values? Is it inevitably a lost cause?

I’d like to think not. In fact, I think sometimes there is a lot to learn from being with someone with different interests and values than yourself. The question is whether or not these two people have it in them to accept the differences and walk through it with each other. /end random thoughts

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