Every relationship has flaws. I mean, no one is perfect right? Lately, I’ve been trying to understand my relationships. I sift through my memory bank with everyone in my life and try to link them to something I love or don’t love about them; I link them to something about myself because, by simply knowing them, they changed me in some way or form that I might not always acknowledge. But the hardest link, by far, is my relationship with my mom.

Movies and television shows are terrible examples, but when I look at my friends and their relationships with their mom, I can’t help but wonder how mines went so wrong. She drives me crazy. Her traditional ways and irrational thinking. Her logic and expectations. I try so hard to understand her, but I just end up infuriated. I’ve tried talking and explaining. I’ve tried using soft voices and firm voices. Nothing works. “I got it from my Mama”, some would say. For me… I still don’t know what I got from her because we’re so different. Perhaps my cleanliness? Does that count? No. Because even if it did, my mom still thinks I’m a slob.

Despite everything, one day, I’ll prove her wrong and right all at the same time. Wrong that she ever doubted and hated every decision I made, but right that her irrational parenting ways still somehow managed to shape me into a good person.

In the end, family is family. I can complain and bitch, but you can’t. ok bye!

One Thought on “Stiffin’ up that upper lip

  1. I find this prevalent amongst asian parents. They are stubborn and just plain set in their ways. You may not see yourself resembling anything to your mom but somewhere in there…dug deep inside is something about her that you have that even she doesn’t know about. It’s a mystery isn’t it :D. My mom and I are actually very similar…It’s my dad who I have differences with. We are totally two different people…but then again, maybe there’s something that we have in common but we just haven’t found it quite yet.

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