If you know me, you know that I have the worst body temperature of all time. I cannot, for the life of me, wear anything without the fear of breaking out in massive amounts of sweat from simply walking, regardless the distance.

I’ve learnt over the years to just not give a rats ass anymore and not be all embarrassed about what people might think of me. As long as I don’t stink right? But still, I try really hard to not sweat.

This problem obviously gives me a lot of grief and stress when it comes to going out and figuring out what to wear, especially in the Fall and Winter seasons when it’s crazy cold outside and crazy warm inside. My body does not handle the transition from freezing to warm very well. It’s like an instant sweat trigger. That is why I am a huge fan of layers. Layers and very thin jackets, which is hard to find. At least hard to find in a style that I like. Queue… my new jacket! It looks a lot better when worn unzipped, which is okay with me because zipping up would probably make me sweat…


The best part about it is that it has some neon yellow designs on the inside. It’s like the jacket was secretly made just for me. OK BYE!

One Thought on “drip drip drip

  1. That’s a handsome jacket, Carrie.

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