I’m at the Surrey campus right now (3 hour break). My iPod has been on shuffle lately and I can’t say that it plays me good songs 100%, but it has allowed me to discover the song “Talons” by Bloc Party and it’s pretty rockin’. I haven’t really given the album a good listen, but I think I will on my skytrain/bus ride home later.

There are two things that I don’t understand.
1. How come so many people don’t know how to take the bus? When you have a wet umbrella, you wrap it up and hold it low. You don’t loop it on your wrist and use that same hand to hold a pole next to someone’s head. And you don’t put the umbrella on empty seats! Seriously.

2. People in my Cultural Production of Popular Music class seem very snobby. It’s due to the fact that they are into the Indie bands and think that anyone else who aren’t is not knowledgeable. What’s up with that? Go Chris Brown.

Onto other stuff. I want an Obama t-shirt. I figured it would be a good purchase for historical reasons even though I’m not American. Urban Outfitters has a grey one that looks pretty sweet, but I also know that the store in Vancouver might not carry it. I also want to purchase the Obama book from Chapters. The novel looks really interesting and I want to read it. I wish we had some sort of history-changing event occuring in Canada.

I’ll leave on an emo note. I miss you! My lameness doesn’t get used up as much. I want to message you all the time. I want to say congratulations and that I hope you like this new place because it sounds pretty rad. OK BYE.

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  1. If you ever get a chance play some blink 182 in your music class for me. show those hipster fucks that obscure noise bands can’t trump good ol’ pop-punk. bring those days back!!!

    i was thinking about getting this
    it looks pretty rad, but it’s online only and kinda pricey. but they look sweet so maybe in a couple of weeks if the canadian dollar stops dropping.

  2. It was exciting clicking “Be the first to comment” ! I also have break at school, it’s supposed to be two hours long but my first class ended early so I have two and a half. Not that we go to the same school but it’s still exciting to me…

    People on the bus are stupid, no matter the weather. Like when people sit on the isle seat when people are standing, they should just scoot there little dumb ass over. People just don’t do the right thing with empty seats. I also don’t like people who don’t take off their back packs or are holding something really horizontal and poke everyone around them.

    Cultural Product of Popular Music sounds really interesting. GO CHRIS BROWN. I agree fo sho. What do you learn in that class? … other than how snobby people can be and how amazing Chris Brown is.

    I also want to purchase the Obama book from Chapters, I can use my Chapters card hah I want the biography one though. Canada is always boring and slow.. things of interest hit the world from East to West, like how Asia is always more fashionable than us =/ I guess South to North as well for the US hah We are just slow!

    I miss certain peoples too.. Why is it so hard to just pick up a phone or send a little message ? Maybe if we be weird together enough, people will notice us.

  3. @sammie: I was excited to see who would be the first! And even more excited that the comment was so long 🙂 Oh man… and then I realized there was a comment that needed me to approve and it was Matt. Turns out he was first, but don’t worry… in my mind, you are first cause I read yours first.

    So far, we learned about the history of music. How music first started with the Jongleurs who would jump from town to town and sing. And once a year, all the Jongleurs would gather and have a contest to see who had memorized the most music since there was no such thing as music sheets and recorders. Then the Kings would “buy” them and force them to perform to their needs. And then we moved on to the inventions of sheet music and vinyls and cassettes and CDs. It is actually pretty interesting. The professor is really good.

    I’m down for being weird together!

    @matt: My professor asked us to email him songs and he compiled a list of music on the course website of what people in my class listen to. There is no Blink 182! I think it might be too late to send him music. He plays them as people walk into class, but I will send one! I will also play one when I present in tutorial because I am required to bring in some sort of audio with it. No body wanted to present with me, so I am flying solo on the last week of school.

    I thought your t-shirt would be of Obama, but it’s not. Although it’s still sweet nonetheless! I approve of the purchase.

  4. it is about obama! the date under the boy was the date of obama’s inauguration, though i’ll admit it wasn’t a really ‘obamaish’ shirt.

  5. @matt: Oh I know! But I had in my head a more (in your words) ‘obamaish’ t-shirt… like a t-shirt and his head on it was what I was trying to imply. It sounds scary describing it haha… but you know what I mean.

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