I’ve been taking a break from StarCraft lately. I always tell myself that it’s only a game and I play it for the sake of having something fun to do at home, but it actually stresses me out quite a bit when I’m not winning as much as I think I should be (1v1).

Instead, I’ve been playing GW2 again. Doing all the jumping puzzles and discovering the new lands that were added so that I can get 100% map completion again. Yeah, I’m a huge sucker for being a perfectionist and collecting everything. I guess you can say that I’m not really playing games the way they are intended to be played. People love the PvP aspect of GW and doing dungeons and farming for shit crazy armor. And then there’s me… a level 80 guardian named kalories jumping up and down rocks and falling to my death or drowning in water for the 100th time trying to get the puzzle achievement. And when I get it, I /dance by the treasure chest in proud accomplishment. Nerdy, I know.

Then, when I’m bored with playing by myself… I’ll log onto LoL because it seems I always have at least one or two friends on this game to play with. Queue up and pick my only go-to character, Annie, and randomly smash buttons hoping to get a spiral. People yell at me, but I never pay attention to the chat box because my gaming vision doesn’t span very far across the screen much at all.

I wish I had fast internet so that I could stream my games and get donations for food. Maybe my face could land me a job in eSports. A girl can dream. GG.

One Thought on “Have you seen my bear Tibbers?

  1. Stun, Tibbers… GG.

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