I’ve come to realize that attachment is more powerful than it may seem. And depending on the person, not knowing how to handle such a thing can sometimes knock you down pretty hard.

The worst thing about attachment is that it can sometimes blind you from what your mind already knows. Your unwillingness to part with a stuff animal is not because you love the stuff animal, but because having it in your life helps you to remember all the good times you’ve shared with it growing up. And not just with it alone, but all the other stuff animals you played “tea parties” with. The idea of donating them away to another human doesn’t sit well in your stomach because you can’t bare to see another human have them. And so you become attached.

Yeah, I know… this is kind of common sense. Something anyone can conclude on.

But I suppose what finally hit me is that it’s not about the one stuff animal anymore, it’s about all of them. And when I made that realization, it made dealing with attachment a bit easier to understand.

For the record, no one will ever get my giant pooh bear and I will never ever part with it. If you’ve ever seen it in my room, you’d know why. ok bye.

One Thought on “Attachment

  1. If there’s one fault I have that I wish I could overcome, it’s my tendency to be attached to people too easily… because when you’re going from one extreme to another in terms of your emotions with someone, it’s easy to start free falling…

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