I’m eating a sponge cake by myself in the library at the Burnaby campus right now. It’s kind of awkward because there’s a couple in the stall next to me who are making out. WTF?! Good thing I have my iPod on and rockin’ away to Yellowcard, Paper Walls. This album rocks, but I must say that Ocean Avenue was by far the greater album. Lights and Sounds was ok, but not too special. I should really be catching up on my readings because I am practically a million years behind. However, I find that playing around with my new blog site more fun, but for some reason, none of the new themes I apply are showing up on this laptop. Danny checked it for me on his computer at home and it shows up. How weird.

So it seems like I’ve been totally missing out on all the action of new blogs. Everyone seems to have a second one stashed away and I never knew! I also can’t seem to comment on some of the other sites because they use a site which I have not signed up for. Bummers. I like commenting. If I could in fact comment, please tell me how! OK BYE. I am hungry and will go hunt for some food to eat before class starts in 2 hours.

7 Thoughts on “Sponge Cake

  1. 2 eprops

  2. what kind of sponge cake?

  3. EWWWWWWWWWWWWW, I’m so glad that I’ve never seen a couple make out at either of the SFU campuses that I go to. =S  I agree, Ocean Avenue was a better album compared to Paper Walls, but Paper Walls is still a good album.Your site doesn’t show up properly with my computer either… 🙁 It looks pretty though!!!

  4. @sammie: It was just a regular maxim sponge cake. The ones you hold and eat like a bun. Nothing too special about it. I didn’t have time to eat breakfast and it was the only thing that came pre-packaged 🙂

    @megs: There was a huge delay in the theme change on the laptop for some reason! But your computer should show the right theme 🙂

  5. Sponge cake is so delicious! I am jealous. I am not jealous about having to be next to the make-out couple though…gross! They should have booked a study room to use at least although the study rooms have glass walls and you would still be able to see them but anyways…. I am also enjoying this new blog action, its sweet stuff!

  6. ahah study room. hope the walls are soundproof so she can’t hear them like that dumbass at neighbours

  7. ocean avenue was dope, besides blink it was the main sound of senior year in high school.

    nice theme =0

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